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» WILD ANIMALS OF THE JUNGLE | Examples and features

The jungle is a habitat where the strongest survive, but it is undoubtedly one of the most diverse environments in climates, temperatures, food, and especially in wild animals. The beings that live here develop excellent survival skills and coexistence with others; we can say that they are an example of diversity. In this article, we will see 10 examples of wild animals from the jungle that will interest you a lot, as well as their characteristics, types, and food.

10 examples of wild animals from the jungle


The chimpanzee is the animal with which humans are most related. It has similar characteristics, but without a doubt, we have our marked differences. They are brilliant animals.


Of felines, in proportion to their body, in whom they have more strength. The leopard can climb its prey after hunting the trees carrying them in its mouth.


The mamba is considered the most lethal snake on the planet. We can find different types, and their venom is capable of killing a human being in a matter of hours.

Malayan Tapir

This beautiful animal is in danger of extinction. The Malayan tapir is the only one of this species that does not inhabit the American continent.


The badger by nature is an excellent excavator. They are crepuscular animals, which have a great sense of smell and hearing.


Cock of the rocks

The Cock-of-the-Rock is Peru’s national bird. It has a very exotic plumage, personal present only in the male.

Spectacled bear

Also known as the Andean bear, it has white spots near the eyes. The spectacled bear is the only bear that does not hibernate.


Despite its considerable size, the cougar does not fall into the category of big cats, since it cannot roar.


The elephant is considered the largest terrestrial mammal in the world. They are very familiar animals and have an excellent memory.


The jaguar is one of the most skillful and dangerous predators in the jungle. This feline enjoys the water a lot.

Characteristics of wild animals in the jungle

We can say that the main characteristics of them are that they cannot live with man; since they live in a raw and wild environment, and the presence of man alters them. They will act in self-defense or instinct, which can threaten the life of any human being.

Another characteristic is that even though different types of animals live in the jungle, they are all designed and have known how to get used to and adapt to the jungle’s climates, both the intense humidity and the sudden rains.

They are animals that present different methods of camouflage. Their skin is made with different types of bright colors, but can also serve as camouflage, either to hide from predators or hunt their prey.

They are excellent hunters, and they know how to take advantage of their attributes and environment to be successful in their hunts. They manage to use the vegetation, the carelessness of their prey, and the surprise factor.

Habitat of the wild animals of the jungle

We can say that the animals of the jungle are those that live freely in this habitat, in a wild way. Also, there are different types of jungles, among them, we can name two very interesting.

Temperate forest

Temperatures in temperate forests usually range between 10 and 21 degrees Celsius. When they are located near the oceans, they present a humid climate, but very cool. Due to this humidity, they present dense vegetation.

Tropical rainforest

This jungle has a warmer climate than the previous one, with a temperature higher than 24 degrees Celsius. This jungle presents a greater quantity and diversity in animals and plants.

Types and reproduction of wild animals in the jungle

We can find from mammals, which have the characteristics of having fur, which is designed for camouflage. Also, the fundamental characteristics are that they reproduce in a viviparous way; and they feed their offspring breast milk, thanks to their mammary glands.

We can find birds that particularly those of the jungle are characterized for having a very exotic plumage, and the majority presents a tremendous sexual dimorphism. Moreover, this is very related to its reproduction, since the male is in charge of attracting the female with flights or mating dances, using her beautiful plumage and attributes. These animals reproduce in an oviparous way.

We find insects, which are one of the most diverse categories of animals on earth. Moreover, there are the reptiles, mostly we can see in this habitat the snakes; these present characteristics as the scales in their skinmany with very striking colors that give to understand that they are a threat; the reproduction of them is of oviparous form, but unlike the birds these do not incubate to their eggs.

Feeding the wild animals of the jungle

With so much diversity in terms of animals, we can expect there to be different types of feeding.

  • Carnivores: They are the hunting animals, those whose diet is based on the meat of other animals.
  • Herbivores: These are more peaceful since they do not hunt; they feed on the vegetation and fruits that are at their disposal.
  • Omnivores: These are those who can hunt to eat meat, and also eat fruits and vegetables. Their diet is balanced between meat and any vegetation.