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» KANGAROO | The forest jumper

In this article we will talk about the fabulous kangaroos, the wild animals of the forest that stand out for their incredible jumps and for their high strength in the hind legs together with their tail; you will learn which are the characteristics that predominate in the kangaroo, what it feeds on, where this wild animal lives and if it has had predators throughout its history.

Characteristics of the Kangaroo

The kangaroo is an animal that is surrounded in all its body by a soft and short fur; its hind legs are sturdy, and it allows them to give those fabulous jumps without any problem; in addition they use their long tail to maintain the balance at the moment of walking and especially when their jumps are more significant than ordinary; these incredible jumps allow them to save the sufficient energy, especially when they move by significant territories.

One thing that distinguishes kangaroos is that their front legs are short, but they, in turn, use them to handle food better and are not self-conscious about it; even since their hind legs are enormous and they cannot walk normally, along with their front legs many times and their big tail, they can move better if they go at a low speed. Besides, kangaroos have small heads and long ears.

Kangaroos have large, sturdy hind legs, large feet adapted for jumping, a long, muscular tail for balance and a small head.

Habitat and way of life

The kangaroos are animals that reside and inhabit mainly in the Australian forests; since it is an animal that in that country they consider it very important; it is even a national symbol, for that reason they take care of them quite a lot. Kangaroos can adapt basically to any environment; however, they prefer grasslands, forests, and bushes to live in, due to their freshness and that it is closer to their food.

In the case of adult kangaroos, they adapt much better to any change in the landscape where they live and where humans arrive. It should be noted that the kangaroo is generally very frightened; and tends to run with any noise, but over time has adapted to being a little closer to humans.

The kangaroo prefers to live close to or within the forests since they seek to be close to the water, to stay hydrated because they consume much grass; but also the kangaroo can last quite a long time without drinking water and adapts easily to these circumstances.


Currently, there are many species of the kangaroo; for this reason, in terms of reproduction, varies greatly depending on the species. In the case of the grey kangaroo, they can procreate all year round, but mothers prefer to give birth in the summer season since when the babies are born, the climate is very favorable for them.

The kangaroo is a marsupial animal; due to this, in the case of females, it has a bag called marsupium; and it is right there where the post-natal process of the pups is carried out thoroughly. Pregnancy lasts approximately one month, and usually, only one calf is born, although in some cases two are born; as they are born very weak, they stay close to their mother until they are sufficiently developed, but they leave her side only when she has reached sexual maturity.

How kangaroos give birth?

The egg (still contained in the vestige of the evolution of a shell, a few microns thick, and with only a small amount of yolk inside) descends from the ovary to the uterus. There it is fertilized and quickly becomes a newborn. Even in the giant kangaroo (the red kangaroo), the newborn emerges after only 33 days.

Here is a short video so you can watch the whole process:

Kangaroo Feeding

Kangaroos are animals that feed only on plants, vegetables and especially herbs; depending on their species, they have favorite plants to feed themselves and those that live with them; in addition, kangaroos help themselves with their incredible teeth that help them chew the grass very well; even kangaroos look like ruminants, but they are not; that is, kangaroos have several spaces or chambers inside their stomachs, which allows them to store enough food, and chew their bolus again.


There was a time when the man was his worst enemy, as the number of hunters increased impressively, since they were in charge of selling their skin, their meat or only hunting for sport. It should be noted that kangaroo meat in many places has more value than other meats because according to many studies, bring benefits to the environment and health of people, which does not cause the conventional meat, so kangaroos were in great danger for a while. Kangaroos prefer to be together, so they coexist very well with those of the same species, and in most cases prefer to be together to protect the youngest from danger.

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